Who is Brandy Gibbons?    

I am a Civil Engineering student at Penn State University. I began my schooling at Penn State in 2007 imagining that I would do my civil engineering focus in structures and spend my life designing elaborate bridges. Through my personal experiences at Penn State, three co-op rotations with Marathon Petroleum Company, and a book I read called Mountains Beyond Mountains, I decided I wanted more than to live a normal, comfortable life. I switched my civil engineering focus from structural to environmental and also started pursuing the Environmental Engineering Minor because I began to understand the urgency to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, I was interested in using my knowledge of environmental engineering to give people in third-world countries access to clean water. Of course, during my transformation, I became overwhelmed with the magnitude of my new dreams and goals, so I sought advice and came across a very special opportunity, the Engineering Leadership Development Minor. I took the introductory classes to this minor (ENGR 408-Leadership Principles and ENGR 493-Individual Leadership Opportunity) where I've learned many things and met many amazing people, and I want to share some of my experiences with you so that maybe you can learn something new or be inspired to change the world.Check out my resume!